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IGCSE Curriculum



Secondary education is undergoing considerable transformation in many parts of the world, with the aim of improving the quality of education and its suitability for each and every student. To this end, teachers and educators have expressed the need for a wider curriculum specifically tailored to international needs, with an assessment system appropriate for students of all abilities. After extensive consultation with international educationists, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) was developed to meet these needs, particularly for ages between 14 and 16.

St. Peter's has recently introduced this curriculum into their system, fusing it with the GES curriculum. It is currently being used at the primary level in the form of the Pre-IGCSE to prepare them for the IGCSE which will later be introduced in the secondary department.

The aims of the IGCSE are;

  • To promote international understanding
  • To support modern curriculum development
  • To set widely-recognized standards
  • To encourage good teaching practice
  • To provide opportunities to students with different levels of ability.

Core and Supplement
In many syllabuses, such as languages, mathematics and the sciences, the Curriculum Content is divided into core and supplement.  Other subjects offer a common curriculum to all students.


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